Strategy Consulting


Our Workshop is an interactive focus group or “conversation” with a cross section of your mature employees.

These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights into the attitudes and expectations of your mature cohort towards work and retirement. From our experience these sessions have proved to be one of the more engaging and successful components of our model.

They provide:

  • Valuable data on which subsequent policies and programs can be based
  • The opportunity for key stakeholders to familiarise themselves with your business model and provide input into it
  • The foundation for a positive communication message to all employees across the enterprise


Our bespoke consulting services are aimed at building organisational capability that allow your mature age solutions to be self-managing.

In implementing an initiative, the objective is to achieve a cultural shift and for the organisation to become recognised by its current and future employees and its wider community as an age friendly employer of choice. In that context, we will work closely with key stakeholders to create a compelling employee value proposition which creates a strong intellectual and emotional bond with current and potential employees. No two organisations are the same; each has unique workforce challenges, its own culture and strategic imperatives.


Do you face Mature Age workforce challenges?

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